International Arts Education Week

World Teachers Day, October 5
Each year, on October 5, people around the world recognize the work, dedication and impact of teachers.  As arts educators, let’s celebrate the work of arts teachers this year on October 5!
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Following the success of the Second World Conference on Arts Education (Seoul, 2010), the UNESCO’s General Conference at its 36th session in 2011 proclaimed the 4th week of May as the International Arts Education Week. The International Arts Education Week aims at increasing the international community’s awareness on the importance of arts education and at reinforcing its cooperation by promoting cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion.  
Upcoming International Arts Education Week: May 22-28, 2017
International Arts Education Weeks Past
UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 2016
The World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE) announces the theme for UNESCO International Arts Education Week, 23-29 May, 2016: Arts Education for Sustainable Development.
This theme carries on from International Arts Education Week 2015 and recognises the ongoing importance of arts education in contributing to local and global awareness of cultural, economic, environmental and humanitarian concerns. Arts Education with a core emphasis on doing/making/presenting offers exciting, dynamic, cross generational opportunities for action.
The World Alliance for Arts Education proudly advocates for the role that arts educators and artists can have in educating for sustainable development in formal, informal and non-formal education contexts. For more information about the WAAE please go to:
Please find a letter introducing UNESCO International Arts Education Week from the Chair, Executive Council, World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE).
Below please find a link to the WAAE information pack for UNESCO International Arts Education Week. This pack also includes the annual UNESCO International Arts Education Week message. The 2016 message is provided by Li Cunxin.
Click here to download the 2016 International Education Information Package
May 25-31, 2015
Arts Education for Sustainable Development

Arts educators working in sustainable development can be interested in a variety of areas including but not limited to: Biodiversity, climate change, Cultural diversity, poverty reduction, gender equality, health promotion, sustainable lifestyles, peace, water sustainable urban development
May 19-25, 2014
Click here to view The 2014 UNESCO International Arts Education Week Newsletter 
Please use this newsletter as a guide for your advocacy work in arts education.
Click here to view an invitation to the 2014 Hong Kong International Arts Education Week Festivities & Events happening in May 2014
This was a very successful Festival of Peace in celebration of International Arts Education Week. If you are interested in hosting another one, please let us know!


Here are the dates for future planning:
May 22-28, 2017
May 21-27, 2018
May 20-26, 2019
May 25-31, 2020
May 24-30, 2021
May 23-29, 2022
May 22-28, 2023
May 20-26, 2024
May 19-25, 2025