International Drama/Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), International Society of Education through Art (InSEA),  International Society for Music Education (ISME) and World Dance Alliance (WDA) have joined together to create the World Alliance for Arts Education – a powerful voice for advocacy, networking and research.
In November 2014, the World Alliance for Arts Education held a very successful world summit at Griffiths University (Mount Gravatts campus) in Brisbane, Australia.  From a northerly location on the Arctic circle (2012 Summit in Finland) to a very southerly location, the WAAE has reached arts educators from all over the world.
In November 2012, the World Alliance for Arts Education and the Institute for Northern Culture, University of Lapland, Finland, hosted a global gathering of arts educators at the most northerly university in the European Union. Attendees were invited to learn about and discuss arts education informed by diverse global perspectives (such as those from the Arctic rim).  More information about the summit can be found here.
In May 2013, the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, ACENet, the German Federation for Arts Education and Cultural Learning, the Hans Seidel Foundation and the WAAE co-hosted Polylogue II: World Summit on Arts Education in Munich and Wildbad Kreuth, Germany.  Polylogue II focussed upon research, networking and advocacy with a particular emphasis on evaluation, mapping and competencies.  For more information on this symposium, please visit this website: http://worldsummit2013.bkj.de/home.html
Our history goes back to 2006 and we are proud to be advocating for arts education worldwide.  More information on our work can be found throughout this website.  Feel free to contact any one on the WAAE Forum should you wish more information than what is provided here.